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Awards & Scholarships Committee

Committee Chair: Sandy Lowman

The Live Your Dream Award Committee is responsible for administering the Live Your Dream Award.  We coordinate with the other four local Soroptimist clubs to pool the applications for the judging process.  Within the 5 clubs, 12 awards are given.  The top five applicants receive $2,000 and the next seven receive $1,000 awards. The top five winners will advance to compete at the region-level for up to an additional $5,000, with the possibility of going on to the international level for a $10,000 award
Time Commitment: . This committee’s responsibilities begin in August with regular meetings with application announcements occurring in November.  Application judging takes place in January with awards presented at the March awards luncheon. Look back next fall for a ink to an application.


Soroptimist Int'l of River Valley

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